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Chiropractic is the best option for back pain.


  • Medical treatment and Surgery are not as safe or effective as chiropractic care.
  • Back pain usually exists before any symptoms are present.

back painMost of the pain-sensing nerves are found within the facet joints which are located in the back of each vertebra. These surfaces are normally smooth, but can become rough or irritated by repetitive motions and different loads on the spine. Continued research on back pain shows that chiropractic offers the best result for treating most back pain complaints. In a recent study comparing chiropractic care to medical care in chronic low back pain, chiropractic care showed better overall improvement and satisfaction after one month than patients treated by their medical physicians. The study showed substantial decreases in pain severity with improved function and range of motion. Patients that received medical care showed only minimal improvements in function and pain quality. Most medical patients actually experienced an increased pain level. (Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics May 2000 Vol. 23) There are many causes of back pain; one of the most common is a bulging disc which is putting pressure on the spinal cord or nearby nerve root.  Symptoms that are most commonly associated with back pain are numbness or tingling, weakness or pain down the leg. The other major cause of back pain is due to muscle spasms which can put pressure on the vertebra which in turn can put pressure on the nerve thus generating back pain.

Chiropractic treatment, according to research, is considered the leading treatment for most back pain.

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