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Disc Herniation

“Herniated disc” or “Slipped disc” is another possible reason for low back pain. Many people associate these terms with surgery, but don’t fully understand their options. Over one’s life many things can go wrong to the vertebral disc. Disc herniations or slipped discs can be the result of a sports injury or car accident or even getting older. The disc is a shock absorber that is found in the spine both in the neck, mid back and lower back. These discs have a tough outer core and soft insides. As these discs lose their hydration they become more prone to injury. Disc injuries are either contained or ruptured. A contained disc is often called a bulged disc and may cause pressure on the spinal nerves creating various symptoms. A non-contained or ruptured disc usually can irritate the spinal nerves with fluid that is exposed to the nerve. In fact the outer shell or a fragment can break off and cause tremendous pain and irritation.



The most common disc injuries happen in the lower back and are contained discs. Contained disc are usually the result of compression. With new non-invasive technology and non –surgical techniques many contained herniated discs can be resolved. As many as 50% of the 200,000 people who have had surgery each year do not attain their desired outcome and sometimes are worse following surgery. However, in most fragmented cases there are no alternatives except surgery. Patients who have had surgery will often seek our treatments after failed back surgery because the surgery has put additional stresses on other vertebrae that were not surgically repaired. Through a detailed examination with the patient’s MRI and nerve studies we can recommend a more effective non-surgical, non-medication option.

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