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Treatment for Joint Pain


Chiropractic care is effective for all joint pain, but is generally associated with spinal joints.

A joint is where one bone connects with another. It is the space between these two structures which allows for proper motion and movement. Our body has many different joints such as the shoulder, knee, foot, jaw, and wrist and so on. We know that when joints are moving properly, your muscles and ligaments function well. This allows you to go through your daily activities without pain and with optimal function. When the joint is not functioning well then the stress tends to transfer to the muscles and ligaments. These ligaments and muscles tend to either shorten or elongate, depending on the joint problem. When this happens it can irritate local tissues and nerves. This leads to further pain and dysfunction which compounds the problem. It is also important to realize that when your body experiences pain, it will alter other body mechanics.


Joint Injuries can usually be fixed without medication or surgery.

Chiropractors correct the underlying causes of joint dysfunction so that the body can heal itself by restoring normal ranges of motion. This in turn will relax and help the soft tissue to heal. Through this practice chiropractors are the best choice for joint pain.

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