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Treatment for Stress in Orange County


stressWhether it’s a result of a job, family, friends or a circumstance, stress plays a major role in our everyday life. When this negative energy builds up mentally and/or emotionally it can impact the body physically especially in weakened areas of the body. For some people it is the muscles of their back or neck, and for others it can affect internal organs. Excessive stress affects our bodies and can cause chronic misalignments in the spine and joints of the body. This can become a domino effect when there is more stress causing more tensions and misalignments. At Pacific Coast Chiropractic & Wellness Center, stress-induced injuries are taken very seriously. Dr. Shah at Pacific Coast Chiropractic & Wellness Center implements stress reducing tips with her patients to minimize the harmful effects of stress on the spine.

Dr. Shah also speaks regularly at businesses and different groups on stress reduction and ergonomic safety at the work place.

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