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2755 Bristol St, Suite 120

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Our office is conveniently located on Bristol Street between Baker & Newport Blvd. We are right next to TOCA Training Center and proudly serving the communities of Costa Mesa, Tustin, Irvine, Santa Ana, Newport Beach & Huntington Beach.


What Our Patients are Saying…


I visited Dr. Shah after my body protested all my global travels and just didn’t want to stay aligned. I went to see her and immediately she embraced me with her warm and caring heart and smile. Her expertise in “listening” to my body was expertly demonstrated as she did kinesiology with my limbs so the body could tell her where the actual misalignment was. Then with caring hands and empathy for the pain I was having she used her activator to GENTLY help my neurological system reboot to a neutral rather than contracted position. I have had much body work and every part of me has been bent and shook and pushed on…but I was in so much pain I decided to take a GENTLE approach this time. It was a true mark of my own self care. The activator helped the body realign with grace in stead of force…a lesson I have had to learn to embrace. As an added bonus, Dr. Shah, gave me electrical stimulation as part of her service and provided one of the best ice packs I ever had…she is gifted.


A gifted healer working in chiropractic care

“I had been suffering from constant neck pain and headaches since 2009. I thought they were due to stress from work and my busy life. I later came to realize that my neck pain and headaches were getting worst. I also started experiencing lots of pain and stiffness, numbness down the arm and into the fingers. It was difficult for me to concentrate on my work, sleep, and most importantly it was very painful to hold & carry my 1 year old daughter. I am so glad I met Dr. Shah. After her thorough evaluation, she found a pinched nerve in my neck as well as loss of normal curvature. I began treatment with her immediately. Dr. Shah’s technique is very gentle, pain-free, and specific. Within several treatments, my numbness disappeared. Soon after, I had no more NECK PAIN or HEADACHES. I have more energy. I sleep better. I work more efficiently, and best of all, I am able to hold, carry, and play with my 1 year old daughter with no pain or discomfort. Thank you Dr. Shah!”

Yvonne K.

~Kiss My Headaches Good-Bye~

For the last 3 months, I had been suffering from Sciatica. My low back pain & leg pain were so terrible that I had difficulty sitting, standing, walking, and even sleeping. As I would stand or walk for more than 5 minutes, my left leg would start hurting and would go numb. Exercise was also very painful. It was a horrible feeling. Though I was taking vicodin, I still had difficulty walking from the parking lot to the grocery store. Pain medications were doing absolutely nothing for me, so I decided to try something different. After being under chiropractic care with Dr. Shah for a couple of months, I have no more back and leg pain. My legs feel stronger. I am able to stand and walk longer & even able to line dance. Best of all, I stopped taking vicodin. I am 56 years old and I thought I would never be able to do walk properly or let alone dance. Thanks to Dr. Shah, I am walking without a cane, exercising, dancing, and able to go on long bus trips with my friends. I got my life back!

Marian H.

I threw away my cane!!